Custom Design Service 🤤

Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤
Custom Design Service 🤤

Custom Design Service 🤤

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Crafting and selling custom-designed footwear is an incredible idea for team building, organization identity, and even fundraising. While footwear will be the first thing your clients behold every morning, you can easily boost your customers and followers’ loyalty by providing them with one-of-a-kind designs that speak for your brand or organization in a sensational way.

Our Custom Footwear Design Service will help you achieve your goals in these effortless steps:

  • Choose the style of your shoes (alpine boots, sports sneakers, slip ons, and more)
  • Upload your elements (images / AI logo / special Instructions / color code / reference / links / sample / ideas) or download a template to provide your own design
  • Check the terms & conditions and place orders

After receiving your order, we will deliver a “design and mock-up” within a week. Your followers or global clients will be able to purchase your special-designed shoes after your approval. Following the same shipping policy, your buyer will be able to join your event with their new footwear within weeks.

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  • We will publish your design on our site for sale, present your creativity to the whole world, and you will have a unique link for your design collection. You can only collect “Lifetime Referral Commission” through your discount code displayed in the product description
  • All payments for our design and listing service (non-refundable) are a one-time fee.  Lifetime Listings.  Lifetime Earnings.
  • We suggest you place a sample order to test your design and product quality before placing a bulk order.
  • Refund & Shipping policies are the same as other products.
  • A separate design and listing fee is required for each footwear design or style.

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☀️ The sky is the limit


As a university student, I am always trying to make a few extra bucks. I think my own footwear design collection is the easiest sort of product that I can promote to my classmates and their friends, because I’m wearing the shoes every day. I might even get some sales from Emojibb organic traffic to boost my growth story. Really, thanks for this opportunity.

Student 🌍 🇬🇧

Our hair salon is always trying to increase revenue without extra costs. When our clients see our staff's custom footwear from Emojibb, they are very impressed. Clients might order their own footwear while we are working on their hair. The hairdressers earn more tips with more happy customers. It's really a win-win.

Barbershop Owner 🌍 🇸🇬

Our dancing school no longer needs to stock sneakers, which frees up lot of cash. Our students can order their sizes from our Emojibb collections online. We can even have different designs for different events. Our footwear catches lot of eyes and attracts new students when they are on the street. This solution definitely improves our cash flow.

Dance Instructor 🌍 🇧🇷

We are an electronics retailer. In addition to our corporate theme color T-shirts, all our staff can order our corporate footwear through Emojibb Custom Design Service. It boosts our team spirit, and customers are impressed. It's a great idea for corporate branding.

Marketing Manager 🌍 🇺🇸

We help our clients plan their weddings. Besides dresses for their bride's team, our clients can now order footwear through our collection. We can even customize footwear for the whole wedding party. The clients are impressed, and we earn extra income without extra cost.

Wedding Planner 🌍 🇭🇰

Our vegetarian footwear collection is very welcomed by our loyal fans. They really want to share their belief in green living with their friends and families. Attractive footwear is a great icebreaker.

Food Business Owner 🌍 🇮🇳

We operate a travel tour business. It was challenging for us to identify our clients in sightseeing areas and gather them to move to the next stop. Now we use Emojibb Custom Design Service to design unique footwear for each tour. When clients wear them, they make the tour guide’s job much easier. The clients are very happy with this outstanding experience and have an extra souvenir of their memorable trips.

Tour Escort 🌍 🇨🇦

We offer a pair of athletic shoes for our newly signed-up gym members. It's a much better idea than other gifts to close the sale. Moreover, our members become our promoters when they wear our branded footwear while they work out.

Fitness Instructor 🌍 🇨🇳

Our restaurant offers customers a coupon for a discount on custom-made footwear. That's always a pleasant surprise! We remind them to come back to us by their shoe rack.

Restaurant Operator 🌍 🇦🇺