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Being an influencer 😎, you always search for new themes and products to share with your followers 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧.
You are equally passionate about earning an income while creating value for your clients.

At Emojibb, we understand your needs as an influencer. We have developed a win-win strategy that helps you earn an income while delivering great products and value to your followers with minimum hands involved. You are regularly rewarded with fabulous daily use products for yourself, for your family, or as social media giveaways. Additionally, you still are able to earn a Lifetime commission or free shoes as per bb affiliate program.

We always endeavor to accomplish a win-win scenario with our influencer partners.

❤️ How does influencer gifting work?
Emojibb's influencer gifting program allows our influencer partners to receive our products for free and pay for shipping only (if applicable).

Gifting orders lets you test the quality of our products, shoot unboxing videos, or generate more sales through your affiliate link.

We also recommend ordering them for social media giveaways.
🧡 How can I be eligible for the "influencer gifting"? How do I know that I have met the program requirements?
1. Join "bb affiliate program", generate FOOTWEAR sales & start earning a lifetime commission.

2. A minimum of 1,000 followers on any of the social media platforms. You are able to track your results on your affiliate dashboard post-sign-up.
💛 How many gifting orders can I place? Are there any limits to the number of orders?
The sky is the limit!

Your gifting order limit grows with the number of newly referred FOOTWEAR clients. Any registered influencer partner qualifies for One 1️⃣ gifting item for every Ten 🔟 NEW delivered FOOTWEAR order clients.

We suggest you place your gifting orders only after ensuring your referred FOOTWEAR client orders have been approved on your affiliate dashboard. Otherwise, your "Influencer Gifting" request might not be approved.
💚 How can myself, my family, or my followers receive the gifted item? Does that in my way affect my commission income?
The influencer partner might choose any single product from one of our stores (Emojibb, myEmojibb, onEmojibb).

Complete the sales order by sharing complete shipping information. You can then fill up the details for the "Influencer Gifting Request" tab on the right-hand portion of this page. The gifted item will be on us. We'll credit your account ASAP once we verify your eligibility and record your submission.

Our influencer partners still earn full lifetime commission as per "bb affiliate program". In case you have more than one item listed on the invoice, the item(s) with the highest price shall be refunded excluding shipping charges. You may also use your follower's address as the shipping address.
✅✅ How can our Influencer Partners achieve more being a part of a win-win scenario with us? ✅✅
Take advantage of our creatives available in our media library.

An unboxing video on your platforms with your referral link.

Use our products as props in your videos.

Leave a positive photo review on our site if you like our products.

We might also share your videos or testimonials on our social media platforms with your branding for greater credibility.
Note to Influencer Partners:
✔️ bb affiliate program does not apply to &

✔️ Your affiliate email address must match your gift order purchasing email address.

✔️ Multiple delivered orders on ONE single client count as ONE credit towards the influencer gifting program.

✔️ If you reach our requirements, please kindly submit the order within 30 days. Emojibb reserves the right to approve or deny ANY gifting orders in our sole and absolute discretion.

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